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Potemkin Typeface

Duck race poster

A funny little poster I knocked up over lunchtime for a friend. I went for a Victoriana theme as the whole village life quaintness of it all seemed appropriate!

Hit Somebody poster

I’m on a huge Kevin Smith binge at the moment, trying to consume all the media he puts out is fairly time consuming, he’s busy for a fat guy!

So I took a break and thought I’d throw some media back his way. This is a little fan-service poster for Mr. Smith’s still in-development hockey opus, Hit Somebody. I have absolutely no idea what the storyline or tone of the film is but may develop several different poster themes for fun.

Red Bull Music Class 2010 flyer

The brief was to produce a monochromatic flyer with clean lines and striking typography which dug into hip-hop iconography. I obliged with a series of flyers that built on classic hip-hop & music icons: Microphone, Headphones, Ghetto Blaster and Turntable.

Japanish Typeface

Posters for a Japanese horror film season. The custom typeface was inspired by kanji characters and is intentionally difficult to read.

Makes the viewer work that little bit harder!

Little Bournemouth

Who doesn’t love a montage?!?

Especially one with booze, broads, and Bournemouth.