Hydronix Bauma 2019 exhibition stand

Mum Fit Wonder logo & brand

Camelot Events logo

Presentation handout

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Toy Emporium catalogue

Wonderland magazine project

Greetings Cards

Saving money at Hallmark using a little effort, a printer and card

I never purchase greetings cards for other people. Well, I do; but the design is always something that pleases me. So, for those really special occasions, I have stopped buying cards and started making them.

As it’s only for special occasions, I’m not having to churn out cards every 5 minutes. Well, that’s my excuse anyway!

Fade to Black

Ruskin Gallery

Whilst at Uni I designed a brand ID and poster foils for the Ruskin Gallery.

The diagonal lines became the brand, regardless of the artwork it was paired with. The lines could be produced using colour, varnish, tape, foil etc. The posters were designed to work individually or as a triptych.